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Welcome to Christ Image Assembly; an assembly of Christ-like committed believers, who are conforming to His character, attitude, way of life and manner of relationship; always ready to serve as an ambassador of Christ wherever we find ourselves on earth by His Grace.

Here, we are big enough to hold you, small enough to know you and brimming with love to accept you. Jesus loves you, we also do. You are welcome!

Vision Statement

Raising a kingdom of Priests. Exodus 19:6.

Mission Statement

  1. To pursue the task of Evangelism and Soul Winning in order to engage converts that will ultimately grow to become disciples.
  2. To raise heaven-bound disciples through wholesome biblical teaching that will lead to a lifestyle conforming to Christ-likeness.
  3. To provide platforms where different ministerial gifts can be identified, developed and deployed within and outside the ministry.
  4. To nurture leaders and ministers for life and ministry.
  5. To build relational networks with ministries or organizations of similar passionto disciple brethren from all Nations