Our Mission Fields

Iralodun, Simawa Ogun State

We have about 120 worshipers.

The field is 70% Igede,  25% Egbas and 5% other tribes like Egun and Ibos.

The land belongs to the Egbas.

They are predominantly farmers while few are engaging in trading.

They take their farm produce to Ogijo for sales on market days.

We have the Odufuyes as the filed missionaries.

Second generation missionaries are coming up gradually on the field.

Sinces their lands have been sold , they are now diversifying into learning trades like taloring,  carpentry, hair dresing etc.

We are planning to start a mission school that will cater for the educational needs of the children where they will be paying a very small amount.


The  pictures show the church building that is at lintel level , children church building is at window seal level while the pastorim is at the finishing stage. The is porous without fence.

Agunfoye Ogun State

Igarra, Edo State

We thank God for His grace and mercy towards us. We came to this mission field on February 10th and took over the work on 15th of the February, 2021. We started by doing prayer walk in this place to commit the work to God. What we are still focusing on mostly is personal evangelism. Of all about 27 souls who has given their lives by confessing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, 9 out of them  who have not been attending any Church are the ones we focus on though they too are promising to come to church but have not attended service with us. We do visit them to have Bible study with them till God will really convince them and bring them into His fold. Also we have been going to the people of Leprosy Camp after NEPA office not too far from the Igarra town, and they also responded to the gospel, about 12 of these people have given their lives to Christ Jesus so we go to them every Sunday evening for fellowship. since April now. Some of them are requesting for Bible, we therefore ask for assistance from our Directorate for them .

We have started Youth Bible club too.

 We believe God that He will soon add His true sheep and worshipers to us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We covet prayer help that whatever is it that still hinders them from coming into  will be burnt to ashes in Jesus mighty name.

Jos, Plateau State

Ijebu Ode, Ogun State

We give God the glory and praise for how far He has helped us in Iwata. We have a church already planted here. Services have been going on as usual even though there is the  challenge of inconsistency in the attendance of brethren.

We have been able to start the project of our bulding hoping that this will encourage the people  and improve the attendance.

Recently a new family was added to us and we are doing the necessary follow up to ensure that these ones are established in the faith


Kunle Adegbuyi


We  resumed in Abuja on 15th February, 2021 and we thank God for what He is helping us to do in Garki church and environs.

Evangelism, follow up and discipleship are in progress.

We work with the follow up group of the church.

We have been to Garki village to see the possibility of doing missions there.

Recently we were at Mararaba, Nassarawa State, to see the possibility of discipleship class with our brethren that are coming from there and as the work progresses, something great might spring forth.

We discovered a ghetto close to the church, one or two engagements have taken place. Prayer work is ongoing concerning the place. As the Lord helps and directs, we may launch back anytime soon.

Alade & Esther Omotoye.



  1. We organized an outreach (crusade) and during the crusade four persons gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ which thereby led to the establishment of our house fellowship in the community and few of them were delivered from different evil spirit.
  2. We also organized a youth summit and during programme five persons gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ which led to we establishing a youth movement which is ongoing now.



  1. Rasing indigenous persons for the work.


  1. Pray that the Lord refill everyone of them with a fresh fire for the Gospel.


Jonah Michael

Benin Republic


At Hetin we meet on Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. We still have  an invitation from a certain number of people for fellowship on Sunday evenings from 3 to 5 p.m. and others who have been impacted by the teaching of fellowship  request for personal education in their homes. lack of  means of transportation cannot make us meet that demand. 


We Bless God for the work going on in Kampala field.

Our area of achievements are: .

  1. A)  Adult Education that was recently inaugurated is really making way for us.
  2. B) The arrival of a family from our zonal headquarters has boosted our evangelism.
  3. C) Also the activities of the Zumutta Matta has been mobilizing other women of their peers for Jesus.


Segun Orisande

Benin Republic

We have two fields in Benin Republic: Hetin and Tonagnon.

At Hetin we meet on Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. We still have  an invitation from a certain number of people for fellowship on Sunday evenings from 3 to 5 p.m. and others who have been impacted by the teaching of fellowship  request for personal education in their homes. lack of  means of transportation cannot make us meet that demand. 

Tonagnon Field: We have a lot of work to take up as here. Since it is not a flood zone we concentrate more effort there.

Our activities include: evangelism, fellowship, intercession for CIA BENIN REPUBLIC, Bible Study, and literacy education.

In all sincerity, we do not accomplish all these activities as we would for the following reasons:

1-) Lack of motorcycle.

2-) Lack of meeting venue (landed property)

3-) Need of video projector devices, loudspeakers, computer to save the data of the activities we carry out.

The harvest is ready but there are no means to support the worker who is at work, CIAMISSIONS BENIN REPUBLIC needs partners.

Brother Luke Zannou.


Jos Plataeu State

By His grace, I started work with CIA Lafenwa on the 1st of March, 2021.

By the time I came in, the members shared their challenges with me, their strides and their projections. So far so good, the successes seen have only been by divine intervention

  1. By God’s grace, I motioned for the reinstallation of the signpost which was down.
  2.  The Tuesday fellowship was brought back to the church which was being held in one of the member’s house.
  3.  The Thursday meeting was restored back to physical presence.
  4. We also started every first Thursdays for only praise and worship.
  5. In pursuit of identifying the people’s  felt needs with the intention of helping them see how such needs can be met that the door of their hearts might be opened and receptive to the word of God, I have captured a number of them but still trying to locate a common ground to engage them properly.
  6. We observed our mission week which was slated for 11th to 16th successfully.

We watched some clips on the state of the nation and God’s desire for mission. At the end of it, commitment letter were shared among everyone.


  1. On the 30th of May, 11 persons were baptized and dedicated on Sunday 31st.


Some of the clips and pictures are attached herewith for your attention.


  1. I have gone round visiting our members. Last Sunday 20th of June, I visited the founding members of the local assembly in their houses to know where they live too after service that day.
  2. I have also initiated a restarting of the house fellowship that was suspended as a result of the covid break. We were supposed to meet last Sunday 20th of June but because of my visit to some of our members staying far away from Lafenwa, we shifted it to this coming Sunday 27th June. The idea of this, is to ensure that they the grassroots own the church and become actively involved in the services. By do doing, those of them that are coming from far can be eased. Secondly, because age is not on the side of the majority of them, this house fellowship can be an avenue for raising reliable generation to take up the mantle from the elders.
  3. By the grace of God, I have a plan to visit some our members with some food items in the name of the church. This i will do by Friday 25th of June. Also, procure clothing materials for those I observed are in need of them.

These are my engagements thus far.