How To Use CMG Editor (Advanced)


At Church Motion Graphics, we’re always looking for new ways to equip churches to look great. One of our favorite new tools that we’ve created to help with this is CMG Editor.

We know that it’s time-consuming to tweak graphics and add custom text to images in apps like Photoshop and Canva. And, don’t even get us started on the complexity of creating a custom video! When deadlines are tight, you need a tool that can get the job done quickly and easily. Our new online CMG Editor will solve this problem for you – for FREE.

This powerful resource enables everyone to customize their favorite CMG stills with text, shapes, and filters to create their own creative look—all in your web browser without the use of expensive software. Even more, users are able to resize graphics to their exact desired size, and remix the color to create a completely new look.

With this FREE tool that is available to everyone, you can now customize any of our thousands of still backgrounds. Plus, Premium Subscribers can take it a step further by customizing Slide Templates, Social Graphics, and even Motion Graphics!

CMG Editor makes it incredibly fast and easy to edit graphics and videos for your church.

Key Features:

  • Creative Text Design
  • Useful Shape Layers
  • Eye-catching Photo Filters
  • 20+ Included Fonts
  • Adjust & Refine Graphics
  • Cropping & Custom Size Exports
  • Quick Render Time

How To Use CMG Editor:

1. Start by choosing a still background from the CMG Media Browser. CMG Premium Subscribers can also choose from Templates, Social Graphics, and Motion Backgrounds.

2. Click on Open In CMG Editor on the left of the preview window.

3. Play around with the features, and have fun editing your graphic.

4. Click Export Image in the top right corner to save your new graphic or video to your computer.

Bonus: For Premium Subscribers editing Motion Backgrounds, after clicking the Export button, a new window will pop up. Click the Build Motion button to start rendering your custom video. Once it’s completed, click the Download button.

Helpful Tips:

  • CMG Editor works best on desktop computers.
  • More fonts, shapes and features will be added in the future.
  • CMG Editor works with Pro Layers, and will export a PNG with an alpha channel.
  • You can open up multiple CMG Editor windows at at time.
  • You can export, and keep working on a project to create multiple exports with tweaks.

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