Sagamu church started in the early 1990s as fellowship center. Its name then is Family of Christ
called to service (FOCCUS). It metamorphosed to Christ Image Assembly in October 1999. The
foundation pastor is Pastor Collins Abata.
We moved to our permanent site in 2003 after we have used our brethren houses as worship
centre for several years. We worships for some years under tent before we started the
construction of the church in 2007. Pastor Olugbenga Akinmoju took over from Pst Abata C. in
October 2006. He handed back to Pstor Abata in 2014 and took over from him again in 2019.
Sagamu church is cohesively bond together by the love of Christ which radiate among brethren.
By the special grace of God we teach the undiluted words of God and God is manifesting his
power amidst us. Everyone that joins us get better everyday as they are recieving the words.
Reaching the unsave souls and the growth of our children are germane to us. We have very
competent teachers handling our children. CIA Sagamu children has represented Ogun State
CEM at Ilorin some years ago. And they have as well represnted Remo at the state level. We
have many of our children in various higher institions in Nigeria and outside the country and
they are doing well.
If you need a comfortable church to serve God unhindered and to help train your children, there
is no better place than CIA Sagamu. You will be thought the true words of God and your life will
not remain the same in Jesus name.

These are our home cell units
1. Ajaka home cell; Coordinated by Bro. Àdetunji Àdemosu – 07044396818
2.Soyindo home cell; Coordinated by Min. Yemi Tijani – 08035409528
3. Sabo home cell; Coordinated by Min. Emmanuel Ogunmosu- 08082687106
4. Igbepa home cell; Coordinated by Ass. Pastor Victoria Jesusaanu 08130912887

Weekly services: 1. Tuesday Bible study 5.00pm – 6.30pm
2. Thursday Revival hours 5.00pm – 6.30pm
3. Workers meeting 8.00am – 9.00pm
4. Sunday School 9.00am – 10.00am
5. Sunday service. 10.00am – 12. 00pm
Monthly sevice: 1. 1st Saturday of every month. Prevailing prayers 7.30am – 9.30am.
2. 3rd Friday of every month; church vigil 9pm – 11pm. Now unline.

Name of centre Pastor: Pastor Olugbenga Akinmoju 08067800862
Church Address: Along Erisagamu Road , Ajaka, Makun, Sagamu.