5 Pieces Of Gear To Elevate Your Video Setup For Great Storytelling


When you’re recording a testimony or a life-story for your church experience, you want your visual creation to enhance the storytelling and not distract from your message. Video setup options make a night-and-day difference when you’re impacting people in a visual medium.

After you’ve selected your favorite camera, it’s time to consider the other key pieces of gear that will help you level up your storytelling.

Here are 5 pieces of story-capturing gear you need in your video setup arsenal.  

1. Be seen! Use excellent 3-point lighting in your video setup.

Lighting is key to making your shot all it can be. You need high-quality lighting that will ensure your subject is the focus of your shot. Here are two options: 

High quality and price point:

Dracast LED1000 Kala Bi-Color LED 3-Light Kit

Lower cost with decent quality:

GVM 3 Pack LED Video Lighting Kits

 2. Test and select excellent audio for video storytelling. 

Along with your subject being visible you need your onscreen talent heard clearly and effectively. Take the time to test some different options and discover which one best suits your output and environment. 

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High quality and price point:

Sony ECM-VG1 Short Shotgun Microphone

Zoom H6 Portable Recorder Kit

Lower cost with decent quality: 

Rode Wireless GO Microphone which plugs into your microphone

Pro Tip: Don’t forget your audio boom stand. I recommend the Impact Turtle Base.

 3. Elevate your storytelling with color lighting.

With just a couple of color changing lights you can add color to your video background and enhance your storytelling. Here are a couple options:

High quality and price point:


Lower cost with decent quality: 

CHAUVET DJ SlimPAR 56 LED PAR Can Wash Light

4. Get eye-level with your subject as your prepare your video setup.

Is your subject or talent short? Or maybe you are interviewing two people of very different heights. Grab a set of these apple boxes to help you with placement of people on your screen. From personal experience, you would be surprised how much these come in handy.

The best arsenal for video setup includes more than great lighting and audio. Don’t forget a trustworthy tripod and an audio boom stand. Click To Tweet

5. A tripod is a must for your video setup arsenal.

You need to have a great tripod for your video production. I’ve tried ones of all different price points, and I’ve found that it’s better to invest a little more in this piece of video setup gear. Here are my suggestions for differing price points: 

High quality and price point:

Manfrotto Tripod

Lower cost option:

Magnus Tripod System

The impactful stories you’re telling deserve the best treatment and video setup. When you invest in a trusted gear and develop a solid video setup, you’ll find that recording your videos and creating content is a breeze.

What are your favorite go-to pieces for video setup? Be sure to drop a comment below and share your recommendations.




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